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Feu Ô Lac | Geneva

During the « Feu Ô Lac » event in Geneva, we had the privilege of witnessing the magnificent spectacle of the largest drone deployment ever seen in Europe, with a staggering 1400 drones in the sky.

Freeway Prod, in charge of the aerial coverage of this event, entrusted us with a unique mission: to capture images as close to the action as possible. Our mission included flying in proximity to the stunning Nautilus, the flagship illuminated boat of the show, as well as capturing shots of the luminous drones maneuvering in spectacular formations.

We even had the opportunity to fly over the fireworks to capture incredible footage from within these marvelous bursts of color.

Date: May 2023
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Pilot: Michael Dickson
Production: Freeway Prod

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