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What are FPV Drones ?

What is FPV ?

FPV stands for First Person View, and it refers to a type of drone flying where the pilot sees exactly what the drone sees through a live video feed. In other words, the pilot wears a headset that displays a real-time video stream from the drone’s camera, giving them a sense of being inside the drone and flying it from a first-person perspective. FPV drones are typically smaller and faster than classic drones, and they require a higher level of skill to operate due to the immersive nature of the experience.

What are the advantages of FPV?

The first-person perspective allows pilots to fly with much greater precision and control, which is especially useful for capturing high-quality footage or navigating tight spaces. Additionally, because FPV drones are generally smaller and more agile than classic drones, they are often able to access locations that would be impossible or difficult to reach otherwise. Last, FPV drones can be equipped with higher-quality cameras than classic drones, which can result in stunning aerial footage.

What gear is used in FPV ? 

Camera and VTX transmitter

Located on the drone, the camera capture real-time video and transmits it via the VTX to the pilot.

FPV Goggles

The Goggles receive the video feed emitted by the VTX and displays it to the pilot in real time. 

Radio Controller

The RC is used by the pilot to control the drone in a very precise manner. The pilot can set the drone in a wide range of speed and positions, allowing way more control than with classic drones. 

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