Hello, my name is Michael Dickson and I am the founder of Lightwings.

At Lightwings, our mission is to provide professionals with excellent aerial photography services. We are committed to offering a complete service, from A to Z, which includes reporting flights in accordance with current regulations, taking photos tailored to your specific needs, and delivering ready-to-use images. .

Aerial photography has become essential in many industries, and it requires a combination of technical, artistic and regulatory skills. At Lightwings, we master this range of skills to guarantee you images of exceptional quality, whatever your requirements. We are dedicated to turning your visions into reality through our drone expertise and passion for visual innovation.

Our team consists of experienced professionals, passionate about capturing stunning images from the sky. Whether for film projects, special events, technical inspections, or even advertising campaigns, Lightwings is your trusted partner for tailor-made aerial solutions.

Trust Lightwings to take your projects to new heights.

Formerly specialized in photography, I have always had an eye for the beauty of landscapes. Here is a bonus overview of some of my most beautiful landscape photos.

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