Looking for a unique and exciting way to capture footage for your next project? Look no further than our video production company, specializing in FPV (First Person View) drone technology.

The fpv fleet

2.5″ DRONE

245g | 60km/h max

The small size and ducted propellers makes this drone the perfect tool for precise shots inside of buildings or close to models.
Under 250 g also means it can fly in many scenarios where heavier drones wouldn’t be allowed.

3.5″ DRONE

750g | 90km/h max

More powerful than the 2.5 but still with protected propellers, the 3.5 is a very versatile tool that can fly in many scenarios.


795g | 160km/h max

The large size and high-speed capabilities of the drone make it ideal for capturing dynamic action scenes, creating thrilling chase sequences, and adding cinematic flair to any production.

Use cases : 
– Indoor, in tight spaces
– Close to models

Output : 
– 5.3K30 | 4K60 
– Format 16/9

Use cases : 
– Indoor / outdoor
– From slow  and precise indoor to fast paced chasing
– Close to models

Output : 
– 5.3K60 | 4K120 | 2.7K240 
– 10-bit flat colors 
– Format 8/7 | 4/3 | 16/9

Use cases : 
– Outdoor / longrange
– Action and outdoor scenes.

Output : 
– 5.3K/60 | 4K/120 | 2.7K/240 
– 10-bit flat colors 
– Format 8/7 | 4/3 | 16/9


FPV drones are an innovation from which the possibilities have still to find boundaries, but here are some of the applications we offer :

– Indoors : make people discover your activity through a unique tour of your building, inside and out

– Outdoors : we capture breathtaking aerial footage of natural landscapes and outdoor activities for all your needs.

Want to know more ? Check out our detailed explanation about FPV drones



stabilised drone

We offer as well a more classic approach to drone, in the form of a DJI Mavic 3 : with it’s 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera, it will cover all your needs for :
– aerial photography
– inspection
– hyperlapses
– stabilized video.


We understand that the fun doesn’t end once the drone lands.

That’s why we offer a complete package that includes not just the drone flying experience, but also a full range of editing services to help bring your footage to life. From color grading and audio enhancement to special effects and post-production work, we’ve got you covered.



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